Infiniti heading for Europe with Diesels

Infiniti is planing to start selling cars in Europe in 2010. The Premium brand of Nissan is working on launching Infiniti in Europe with a proper European line up. Changes are being made too, Including diesel engines, and smaller, more efficient petrol engines. Four models will be offered at the launch, two of them being the FX crossover, and the EX SUV/crossover. The other two are the G37 sedan and coupe. The diesel engine being used is the V6 that is being co-developed with Renault, this engine is also being used in the Nissan Maxima Diesel expect the engine to produce around 250 horsepower. I talked about this engine a little bit in the 2010 Nissan Maxima Diesel Article. Infiniti is going up against some major competition in Europe. They also have to build up a dealership network. We could see the diesel Infinitis in the states too, I’ll keep you up to date if any news comes out of a launch date.

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