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Nissan Launches X-Trail 20GT Diesel in Japan

Last Thursday (September 4 2008) Nissan has added a Diesel to its line up in Japan. Its been six years since a Japanese company has built a diesel car to sell in Japan. The X-Trail is a compact cross-over SUV, it uses the same platform as the Nissan Rogue. The Diesel engine (M9R, Launched in 2005), Co-developed by Renault and Nissan, is one of the most efficient diesels in it’s displacement range (2.0L). It’s Designed to be quiet and clean. Japan will be raising the bar for its emissions standards for automobiles in October 2008. These changes will make Japan home to the strictest emissions in the world, and this engine is already compliant with the new standards. Japan is also home to people who don’t like diesel powered cars very much. Diesel Stereotypes are to blame for the poor public opinion about diesel cars. Nissan wants to change the misconceptions about diesels, and I believe they can do it. This 2.0L diesel gets 30% better fuel efficacy then the 2.5L gas engine its replacing. They picked a perfect engine to persuade the car buying public in japan. So now if your find yourself in Japan, you have two diesel cars to choose from. This new Nissan X-Trail 20GT or The Mercedes-Benz 320 CDi. Yeah, that’s it, just two diesel cars in Japan for now. If this X-Trail diesel sells well, Nissan already has plans of making other models available with diesels.